Chardonnay Meerdael


How it all began

In 1994, after being advised by experts from the Champagne region on the matter of soil investigation and climate analysis, Paul and An Vleminckx-Lefever started by planting 21.000 Chardonnay vines on their domain in Vaalbeek. Their intentions were clear: producing a sparkling wine of the Blanc de Blancs type. The planting technique, pruning fashion and maintenance of the vineyard is done in accordance with the latest highly technological standards. Between the years 1998 and 2000, the domain has expanded up to 60.000 vines.

The future is bright

In the meanwhile, the company kept growing and the processing became more efficient. The growth in knowledge and craftsmanship, equally caused by the contributions of Paul’s wife An and son Laurens,  has eventually turned Chardonnay Meerdael into a price winning company, highlighted by nothing less than a golden medal during the 2009 Concours Mondial.

Together we are strong

Paul gets challenged not only by viticulture. In cooperation with the bakery Allemeersch, he created a tasty chocolate that is based on his sparkling wine. As the president of Streekproducten Vlaams-Brabant (Regional Products of Flemish Brabant) as well as the president of the Belgian vine growers, he is the pulling force behind the promotion of regional products.

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