Chardonnay Meerdael

Gift wrapping Chardonnay Meerdael (1 bottle)

Stylish gift wrapping including one bottle of Chardonnay Meerdael. It is the perfect Christmas or New Year's present. Or simply a surprising gift from your own region.

Fully made from the Chardonnay, the most precious grape among the white grape varieties, this sparkling wine offers you the soft touch that charachterizes the grape. Its clear, buff color and rich, abundant bubbles give the wine a festive look. The hint of spring blossom and ripe fruits ensures its fresh and fine perfume. Flavourwise, the charming and refreshing taste goes hand in hand with the ripe fruits, emphasized by the elegant sour hint that is also responsible for the savory aftertaste. It is a delicious fizzy wine that serves well during any type of festivities.

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