Chardonnay Meerdael

Chardonnay Meerdael puts Belgian viticulture on the world wine map

In 2008, Chardonnay Meerdael won a golden medal in the category ‘sparkling wines’ during the Concours Mondial in Brussels. For more than 20 years, the Concours Mondial has been proving itself as an international, independent and leading competition, appreciated by professionals as well as consumers. One year later, the wine performed even better. In Valencia, Chardonnay Meerdael took away the ‘Grand Medaille d’Or’. For the first time, it was a Belgian wine to take the honor. Moreover, only five out of thousands of competitors went home with a medal, making this result even more spectacular. The fizzy wine from Vaalbeek single-handedly represented Belgium and was sharing its happy-few spot with one cava and three champagnes. Just like that, Belgian viticulture was drawn on the world wine map. 

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